With companies under unprecedented pressure to improve efficiency and productivity, utilities need to bring new focus and energy into the operational excellence and innovation agenda. At Utility Week Live Online, visitors can find out how

With the coronavirus pandemic in full flow and in the face of tough market conditions and regulatory settlements, utilities are under intense pressure to find new levels of efficiency while protecting resilience and maintaining safety.

This challenge will demand a new level of focus on operational excellence and innovation in every business area, from asset management and maintenance, through the smart meter rollout and customer service operations. It will require a dogmatic attention to detail in rooting out the marginal gains in efficiency which can stack up to differentiation, as well as keeping on the alert for opportunities to achieve transformational change in products, processes and technology.

At UWLO – the new digital exhibition brought to you by Utility Week and its sister brands – the twin pillars of Operational Excellence and Innovation will provide the structure for our content programme of rapid-fire case studies, product development showcases, focused  discussions, workshops, training sessions and more.

Our agenda is designed with usefulness front of mind, aiming to give technicians, engineers and managers the know-how they need to deploy their skills and resources more effectively, to meet their objectives and help their companies perform to their best potential in challenging times.

How will the digital exhibition work?

UWLO brings all the advantages of a live exhibition to your desk, including sourcing new products and suppliers, surveying the latest innovation transforming utilities; networking; and two action-packed conference programmes.

Our sophisticated AI-powered matching technology will direct you to the products, suppliers and content most likely to be of interest to you. You can request video meetings with any exhibitors or attendees, move around our virtual show floor and product marketplace and attend online seminars, workshops and conference sessions in real time or on demand. You can manage your time throughout the event with an online schedule that will include the content sessions you select and any meetings you arrange.

When you’re not browsing the show floor or networking, jump over into the digital seminar sessions to learn more about what your peers in industry are doing to address the biggest utilities business challenges of today in our Operational Excellence and Innovation content programmes. These programmes also include supplier showcase sessions which will give you the latest product development information from some of the leading technology and service providers exhibiting at UWLO.

You can find out more here.