The UK’s largest NHS Trust – Barts Health NHS Trust – has put out a contract out to tender for the supply of water retail services.

Barts Health NHS Trust – which runs five hospitals, including The Royal London Hospital – said it intends to put in place a four-year framework agreement for the supply of water and wastewater services including ancillary goods, works and services.

The contract is worth an estimated £250 million.

The successful retailer will be required to deliver associated services in connection with the supply of water and sewerage services, such as account management, billing, metering, management of sites and meters, data management, sewerage services including trade effluent, and Automatic Meter Reading.

The deadline for requests is 19 January 2018.

Last month, Castle Water and Business Stream secured contracts worth a potential £28.9 million and £10.6 million respectively, through the Crown Commercial Services framework.

Castle Water was also awarded a £275 million contract in May, to provide water and sewerage services to around 60 schools in England.

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