Welsh consumers struggling with energy bills

Energy consumers in Wales have struggled in paying their energy bills, according to a new report by Consumer Futures.

The survey revealed that 22 per cent of Welsh households were struggling to pay their energy bills in March 2013, up from 13 per cent in June the previous year.

The same proportion of households (22 per cent) also said they had to cut back on other essentials, such as other bills, clothe and shoes, in order to be able to pay the energy bills, while 16 per cent said they had to cut back on food/groceries.

A Consumer Futures report also revealed that during the winter 2012/13 half of households in Wales had their heating on less or only in certain rooms, with younger people and lower income households the most likely to take such measures.

Almost a quarter (23 per cent) of respondents said they had installed energy efficiency measures in their homes , but the figures revealed that almost twice the proportion of higher income households (AB rated) had taken this step compared to lower income households (DE rated).

Three quarters of households (76 per cent) also reported they were worried about being able to afford their energy bills if prices rose in the future, with this proportion increasing to 86 per cent for lower income households.