WWT Learn@Lunch: Your Choice of Xylem Digital Solutions

Event Date: 01/01/1970 12:00 am

The Xylem team will present and discuss digital solutions topics as chosen by the live audience on the day.

This interactive session will begin by letting viewers vote on their preferred topics.

The discussions will then show how the selected topics, linked to Xylem solutions, can help water utilities to overcome common challenges. These challenges include tariff reduction, leakage, energy use, staff turnover and knowledge retention. As well, growing external pressures like population growth, climate change, urbanisation, and now the global pandemic.

The session aims to show how, by adopting digital solutions and services, utilities can achieve higher levels of performance in managing water compared to existing systems and hardware.

This includes demonstrating how Xylem Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and Real-Time Decision Support Systems (RT-DSS) can help to lower investment and improve operational efficiencies.

Utilities will:

  • gain practical insights
  • learn about the latest technology advances
  • deepen their knowledge on uptake and diffusion of digital solutions for managing water

Topics For The Audience Vote

1. Managing network assets – How bringing asset data together on a common platform can improve utilities’ understanding of network operational maintenance and capital expenditure. From identifying operational resilience hotspots to prioritising maintenance to assessing capital investment needs for the future.

2. Managing a wastewater network – How deploying a real-time decision support system like Xylem BLU-X lets utilities use data to tackle common challenges like combined sewer overflow spills, internal and external flooding, managing flow to treatment, identifying infiltrations and identifying and predicting blockages.

3. Optimising treatment processes – How utilities can use data from within their treatment works to improve efficiency of processes while still meeting quality constraints. From reducing energy consumption and/or chemical dosing, to optimising backwashing, Xylem BLU-X platform can help utilities operating expenditure.

4. AMIs – consumption and alarm data – How to support achieving regulatory performance commitments by delivering consumption and alarm data. The data is delivered by way of an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) ahead of an automated meter reader rollout (AMR).

5. AMIs – reducing consumption – How utilities are using AMI networks to effect behaviour change reducing customer consumption through personalised, data-driven communications.

6. AMIs – reducing leakage – How the data delivered through smart metered networks is helping utilities to find and fix a record number of leaks, and underpinning leakage strategies during AMP7 and for the future.

7. Pipeline inspections & assessments – The tools that can be deployed to locate leaks and gas pockets and carry out condition assessments of pipes while in service. These can help to improve rehabilitation/ replacement schedules by reducing or increasing the risk associated with a pipeline, or identifying small sections of pipeline that require urgent attention rather replacing the entire pipe.

8. Managing your water network – How bringing data together in a common platform, such as Xylem View, can help utilities to I’m prove understanding of network operations – from identifying and prioritising bursts and leaks to assessing transients within a network.


Alexis de Kerchove, Director, Vertical Markets, Europe, Xylem

Alexis de Kerchove joined Xylem in 2011. He has held management roles in engineering, strategy and marketing. He currently leads strategy development, marketing and business development for Xylem in Europe. His expertise is in water and wastewater management, and his special interests are driving digital transformation of the water sector and sustainable management of water resources.

Adam Parsonage, Sales Director, UK & Ireland, Xylem

Parsonage has worked in the water industry for 13 years and currently leads sales for Sensus, a Xylem Brand, in the UK. He has overseen large-scale smart metering roll-outs. And he’s worked with water utilities in the UK to develop the business case for smart water networks, with a focus on tackling supply and demand challenges through water resource management.

Ruth Clarke, Business Development Manager, UK & Ireland, Xylem

Ruth Clarke is business development manager at Xylem Water Solutions UK looking after the digital solutions and assessment services platforms. Clarke is a civil engineer with more than 20 years’ experience working in software for water and wastewater utilities. Having been involved in projects involving hydraulic modelling, operational forecasting and data analytics, Clarke’s current focus at Xylem is to help utilities optimise their system operations using the power of data-driven solutions.

Andrew Welsh, General Sales Manager, Water Utilities, UK & Ireland, Xylem

Andrew Welsh is general sales manager at Xylem Water Solutions UK for water utilities. He and his team deliver broad ranging smart solutions to a variety of customers and applications across the water industry, including hosted cloud systems and network management of both water and wastewater networks.

With over twenty-five years’ experience in operational technology solutions, Welsh excels at asking the right questions of his customers and develops a deep understanding of their challenges. Welsh uses this knowledge, together with his keen interest in developing new methods of operating assets within the water industry, to provide effective and efficient processes and data which deliver sustained efficiency and asset longevity.

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