Eon urges government to provide certainty for power stations as Kingsnorth shuts down

The chief executive of Eon-UK is urging government to provide a definitive framework to provide a sustainable future for existing power stations. The call came as the energy company ceased commercial generation at its Kingsnorth coal-fired power station cited in Kent yesterday.

Tony Cocker said: "The reality that is dawning on us all now is that the end of commercial operations at Kingsnorth not only marks the end of an important chapter but highlights the very real and present need for the government to deliver a framework that will provide a sustainable future for existing power stations and the new age of investment this country needs. 

"Over the coming months more power stations will stop powering the UK and this provides a most striking example of the need for a clear, straightforward and customer-centric solution to be delivered by the Energy Bill. We need to get it right, and quickly, so we and other investors can build new plants with confidence. 

Eon confirmed that the power station will now undergo decommissioning and closure work as it is prepared for a formal closure in March 2013. 

The power station was forced to stop commercial generation following the result of the EU's Large Combustion Plant Directive legislation (LCPD) which required it to close after generating for 20,000 hours from 1st January 2008. If the commercial running hours had not been used up the station would have been forced to close at the end of 2015 regardless of the time remaining. 

Author: Paul Newton,

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