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WWT Sustainable Water Conference


It is a crucial time for sustainability in water: the government has issued its 25 Year Environment Plan, Water Resource Management Plans are being submitted, and we are in the midst of PR19 strategy.


WWT Water Scotland Conference 2018

Glasgow, Scotland

With SR21 approaching and environmental and social pressures increasing, it is a crucial time for the Scottish water sector to build resilience and drive innovation.

Utility Week Congress 2018


The Utility Week Congress is the UK’s premier event for utility leaders across gas, water and electricity. Join us and 250+ attendees, as we bring together more than 20 of the UK & Ireland’s top CEOs to offer you strategic insight from the highest level.


Utility Week Health & Safety Conference


Utility Week’s Health & Safety Conference is the only dedicated event for health, safety & wellbeing professionals in the water, gas and electricity sectors. Join us on Nov 1 to; hear practical examples of how to better mitigate risk, understand the changing needs of the workforce, implement a holistic culture or safety & wellbeing, and network with 100+ industry leaders.

WWT Drinking Water Quality Conference 2018


Back by popular demand, the third annual WWT Drinking Water Quality Conference will assess best-in-class innovation in treatment, evaluate the effectiveness of catchment management approaches and explore new ways to build consumer trust. It will also showcase new approaches to incident management, review the revisions to the Drinking Water Directive, and assess the changes in abstraction laws.

WWT Water Industry Technology Innovation Conference 2018


The UK’s largest conference for senior-level water industry professionals looking to optimise transformative technologies and solutions. Join us to find out what water companies’ PR19 have in stall for investment in innovation, assess which technology game-changers could transform your business, and learn how your peers are implementing cutting-edge solutions.


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