A threat without borders: understanding the cyber risk facing utilities

7 November 2022

A threat without borders: understanding the cyber risk facing utilities

What are utilities companies doing to strengthen the resilience of their assets and their processes to protect against cyber attacks – and are they going far enough? This report sets out the challenges facing the sector, the security practices being put in place and how the regulatory framework should reflect these investment needs.

As utilities become more interconnected and embrace the digitalisation of business processes, the risk of cyber attack grows exponentially.

Tasked with operating critical infrastructure and ensuring customers receive vital services, water and energy companies must make difficult security decisions in the face of increasingly sophisticated and unrelenting bad actors.

In recent years, there has also been a worrying increase in cyber attacks resulting from vulnerabilities within supply chains. Supply chain attacks have the potential to inflict catastrophic disruption across multiple businesses, with costly consequences both in terms of finances and reputation.

Utilities are striving to improve the resilience of critical infrastructure against potential hackers. But are they going far enough?

Utility Week has partnered with cyber security expert Cisco to produce this report which explores the efforts currently being made by utilities to drive cyber security, covering key topics including:

  • How the cyber risk landscape is changing as utilities become more digitalised
  • The main challenges facing utilities’ current cyber strategies
  • What role regulation should play in strengthening utilities’ cyber resilience
  • What lessons should be learnt from previous cyber attacks on critical infrastructure

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