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The increasing fusion between sophisticated new technology investments and aging asset bases poses big challenges for utilities which need to pursue operational excellence and efficiency while upholding the highest security and resilience standards. Can they optimise both? Join this webinar to hear reflections from a technology transformation veteran and gain insight into utilities industry experiences.

Ben Barker, utilities industry specialist, ServiceNow

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Energy and utility organisations continue to pursue cost optimisation and a reduction of risk in response to a persistent barrage of business challenges. As pressures to meet these dual outcomes escalates there are heightened expectations for productivity and uptime improvements. Businesses are looking to their operating technology (OT) to deliver more efficiency.

But as OT excellence is chased, modern hyperconnected systems are being fused with aging environments. This brings opportunity but also increased threat and risk landscape. Businesses must understand the dynamics around both to thrive in challenging times.

At this webinar, Utility Week content director Jane Gray will speak with ServiceNow’s utilities industry specialist Ben Barker about:

  • What’s new in OT-IT convergence for Energy & Utility organisations
  • New definitions of real OT excellence
  • Rising opportunities to bring IT and OT on to a single platform designed to improve productivity, deliver insight, and reduce operating risk
  • Real examples of recent OT enhancements in the energy and utilities sector

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Speaker profile:

Ben Barker is an industry specialist with ServiceNow and is focused on supporting the organisations largest industrial customers, product/engineering business units and strategic technology partners. Ben has a background in technology transformation, cyber security, and manufacturing/energy management. Prior to ServiceNow Ben worked client side and is a specialist in Industrial Networks and Control Systems in addition to the Now platform.

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