Billing and payments: Are you doing enough to support your customers?

14 September 2022

Billing and payments: Are you doing enough to support your customers?

This report examines how utilities are innovating to improve their approach to tackling customer debt and the role technology is playing in accelerating this process.

Domestic and business customers across the UK are braced for a bleak winter, punctuated by increasing concern over the spiralling cost of living.

In recognition that utility bills can represent an unbearable burden, energy and water companies are already taking practical steps to improve billing and payments processes and provide additional support for bill payers facing vulnerable circumstances.

To explore the action being taken across the industry as companies seek to improve collections processes and customer engagement channels, Utility Week partnered with global payments and technology company Mastercard to conduct a unique piece of research with industry leaders.

This report details how technology is currently helping utilities tackle customer debt and how this is expected to evolve within the next five years. The report features views of leaders at South East Water, Severn Trent and Octopus EV, among others, on the following topics:

  • Responding to the cost of living crisis
  • Aligning innovation with customer needs
  • How better communication and flexibility around payments can help to prevent debt

To see the full report, download it for free simply by filling in the form to the side of the page.

The first instalment of the research, titled How well do you know your customers?, is also available to download. The report seeks to reveal the challenges for energy and water utilities as they explore how an enhanced approach to billing can help to address some of the pressures currently facing customers.