Blackpool Tower to shine green to encourage collective switching

Blackpool Tower will be turning green on Wednesday 9 October in support of the “Ready to Switch?” collective switching scheme.

A total of 13 local authorities, including Blackpool Council, have signed up to the scheme, which was launched last year and has so far helped more than 35,000 households save an average of £110 on their energy bills.

Businesses can also sign up to the scheme, which will give them access to the broker service “Make it cheaper” – a service which offers businesses free advice.

Blackpool Council leader Simon Blackburn said: “A lot of people are still paying too much for their gas and electricity. People are afraid to switch; they don’t have the time to compare suppliers; they don’t trust the suppliers or think it involves a lot of hassle.

“That is why we organise an auction for you and take the hassle out of switching.

“We are delighted we can light Blackpool Tower, an iconic landmark recognised across the country, in support of this scheme.”