Building the skills pipeline – how the water network can get it right first time

7 November 2022

Building the skills pipeline – how the water network can get it right first time

An infrastructure skills shortage is already here for utilities. This report draws insight from water companies and their peers to examine how the sector must tackle this challenge by attracting the right staff and giving them the skills to work at peak efficiency.

Ageing infrastructure is a major concern for water utilities. They operate and maintain critical assets that must be sustainable, resilient and futureproof. They have to address issues such as leakage and water scarcity in a changing climate and under the media and consumer spotlight.

But the infrastructure sector is expected to face a deficit of a quarter of a million skilled workers.

Network infrastructure like pipelines has a limited operational life. Water companies must ensure they have the expertise in place to replace or rehabilitate it and efficient delivery of these complex projects is under challenge. With constraints on funding and personnel, they must get it right first time.

Utility Week has partnered with manufacturer Radius Systems to publish this new report which explores how the sector is tackling the shortage of skilled workers.

The report features views from leaders at Severn Trent and SES Water, among others, on the following topics:

  • Can the industry respond to new skills needs?
  • Is it possible to expand the recruitment ‘universe’?
  • What support does the industry need from government, the regulator or other bodies?

To see the full report, download it for free simply by filling in the form to the side of the page.