Cornish businesses offered shares in £6 million funding pot to enable local energy market

Centrica has invited businesses to Cornwall to take part in a “pioneering” local energy market trial.

The British Gas owner is looking to recruit around 60 firms to participate in a “virtual marketplace” which will allow them to sell flexible capacity to both the grid and the wholesale energy market.

Centrica is offering local businesses shares in a £6 million pot of funding to cover the cost of initiatives such as energy audits, smart technology upgrades and new energy storage units.

Renewable energy generators and non-commercial energy users such as hospitals are also eligible to take part.

“This is an amazing opportunity for local businesses to get involved and help define a new energy future in Cornwall and beyond,” said programme director Matt Hastings.

“Our aim is to help businesses and other large energy users from across the county to save money on their bills, and potentially even make some money, by optimising both their energy demand and on-site generation, and making their assets available to the National Grid.”

The £19 million trial is being funded by Centrica and the British Gas Energy for Tomorrow fund as well as a £13m grant from the European Regional Development Fund.

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