Greg Clark has allowed increased capacity at a planned gas turbine plant in Norfolk.

The secretary of state for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has given permission to vary the development consent order for a new combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) plant at King’s Lynn.

The developer EP UK Investments won consent in 2016 for a 1,020 MW CCGT power station to provide power for a paper mill on the site.

It was the 50th project to win permission from the Planning Inspectorate since it was set up to handle infrastructure projects in the late Noughties.

EP UK subsequently submitted an application to vary the consent to accommodate generation capacity of up to 1,700 MW at the plant.

The application is for up to two CCGT units, each comprising a pair of gas turbines, and heat recovery generators.

The applicant said it wanted to increase the size of the plant because CCGT units have become more powerful.

EP also wanted to deploy a 30 to 50 MW “black start” facility at the site so that operation can be restored if there is a loss of external power supply to the CCGT.

The application also earmarks additional land within the scheme for carbon capture.

The letter from Gareth Leigh head of energy infrastructure planning at BEIS, outlining the consent states that the variation to the scheme will allow for “the installation of more efficient technology capable of generating more power”.

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