CMA reforms make switching easier for restricted meter customers

Measures will save customers an average £154 a year

New measures arising from the Competition and Markets Authority’s (CMA’s) energy retail market investigation will make switching easier for 700,000 customers with restricted meters.

The two-year investigation, which concluded last June, found that two thirds of customers using restricted meters, such as Economy 10 and THTC, could save an average £154 per year by switching energy tariff. Reforms have now been implemented to allow those customers to switch to a single tariff without incurring an additional cost.

The CMA has also ordered suppliers to offer customers reminders about switching on their bills, as well as contact details for Citizens Advice or Citizens Advice Scotland and information about their consumption to help them switch. Citizens Advice and Citizens Advice Scotland have agreed to implement the CMA’s recommendation to become recognised providers of information and support to customers on restricted meters.

CMA director of remedies Susannah Meeke said: “We want to help as many people as possible to shop around for the best energy deal for them. But, many people on restricted meters have effectively been prevented from doing this because they would need to change their meter – which is both costly and a hassle.

“Now they will be able to switch like any other energy customer – and potentially lower their bill by up to £154 a year.

“We welcome the fact that Citizens Advice is now offering additional information and support for these customers to help them explore their options.”