The Big Deal has launched its latest collective switch to offer the cheapest gas and electricity tariff on the market.

The dual fuel tariff with housing association energy supplier Places for People Energy, costs £762 per year, saving customers £301 from an average standard variable tariff with a big six supplier.

The deal comes after independent supplier Ovo Energy increased the price of its dual fuel tariff by 3.6 per cent, raising it to £917 per year on average.

The Big Deal co-founder Will Hodson said: “This deal is proof that people power works. The collective bargaining power of over 200,000 Big Deal members helped us negotiate the best deal on the market. A whopping £300 saving on a big six standard tariff.

“Our deal comes from a great independent energy company – the kind of supplier comparison sites want to hide from the public. And this great deal is open to everyone – unlike the big six, who often refuse to let their most loyal customers have their best deal. Disgracefully SSE is doing this right now.”

The firm is also accusing SSE of working with price comparison sites to hide the best deal from its customers by making its cheapest tariff only available to new customers.