Creating the virtuous circle: Why employee engagement is essential to customer satisfaction

8 November 2023

Creating the virtuous circle: Why employee engagement is essential to customer satisfaction

Great customer service is about much more than a well-run contact centre and quick call pick-up times. Our latest Utility Week Intelligence Research report looks at the impact an engaged workforce has on customer satisfaction and why engagement begins before an employee starts work – and continues when they’ve left.

That’s the question posed by an extensive new Utility Week Research report published in conjunction with ServiceNow, which argues that a holistic approach to customer service should include the vital web of interactions between employer and employees that takes place behind the scenes, as well as the upfront experience provided by contact centre workers.

In fact, relationships with customers may ultimately be affected by the process in which a new recruit joins (or leaves) an organisation. But how many companies are paying as much attention to this as they do to customer-facing interactions and external marketing?

But improve employee engagement by just one point, and customer satisfaction enjoys an uptick. Food for thought at a time when satisfaction with utilities is tanking.

Our new report canvassed heads of customer services and customer experience, directors, and board members at Britain’s leading utilities to find out about the importance of – and how to improve – everything from employee retention to onboarding.

Meanwhile our experts from ServiceNow explain how technology can play its part in delivering both improved customer service but also a cross-organisational picture enabling all the parts underpinning interaction with a customer to be seen and strengthened.

Download the report now to find out:

  • Why utilities struggle to capture employee knowledge when workers leave
  • How employee surveys and incentives are essential to customer satisfaction
  • How AI can deliver bite-sized on-the-job training modules
  • Why automation of back-end onboarding processes frees up time to focus on talent

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