Gearing up for net zero

1 March 2024

Gearing up for net zero

Utility Week and Autodesk brought together a roundtable of experts, including capital programme, engineering and regulatory directors from across the power and gas industries, to discuss the constraints and opportunities of the energy transition. Want to learn more? Read our new report.

Building new clean energy infrastructure, whether that’s hydrogen manufacturing facilities, onshore wind farms, or small modular reactors, involves unprecedented technical, economic, and cultural challenges.

Our recent roundtable with Autodesk brought together experts from across industry to discuss how to gear up for net zero, with all its many challenges – and opportunities.

Download the report now to find out what they think about net zero when it comes to:

  • Skills and strategy. Resourcing for major capital programmes, talent attraction, and industrial strategy
  • Digital enablement. Making efficiency gains, the potential of BIM, building business cases
  • Investment and supply chain. Creating confidence, procurement reform, early supply chain engagement

And that’s not all. We wrap up the report with an overview and reflections on the event from Autodesk industry expert Marek Suchocki. Download now for more.