Energy storage provider Highview Power has announced it has appointed two new members to its executive leadership team.

Former InterGen managing director Mark Somerset joins as director of business growth while NeuConnect director and Greenage Power co-founder Mathew Brett joins as business development director.

Both have over 45 years of experience in the energy industry and have between them overseen the development and financing of over $8 billion in energy and infrastructure projects.

Highview is a designer and developer of a proprietary cryogenic energy storage technology that delivers “reliable and cost-effective long-duration energy storage to enable a 100 per cent renewable energy future”.

The company says its proprietary technology uses liquid air as the storage medium and can deliver anywhere from 20 MW/80 MWh to more than 200 MW/1.2 GWh of energy.

Javier Cavada, president and chief executive of Highview Power, said: “Mathew and Mark bring a tremendous amount of talent to the Highview Power team with deep knowledge of the energy industry and each having delivered impressive results over the course of their careers.”

Cavada also said the pair will “lead the expansion of Highview” as the company scales its development of its liquid air energy storage projects.

Meanwhile the current vice chairman and former chief executive Gareth Brett was named chief technology officer.

In June Highview opened the world’s first grid-scale liquid air energy storage plant in Bury, Greater Manchester.

The plant is located at Pilsworth landfill gas site and was developed by Highview in partnership with recycling and waste management company Viridor, which is part of Pennon Group.

The project was supported by £8 million of government funding.

The technology works by using excess electricity to compress air and cool it down to minus 196 degrees Celsius, condensing it into a liquid.

The liquid is then stored in low-pressure insulated containers.

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