How to fix megaprojects (and all capital projects that matter)

21 October 2021

How to fix megaprojects (and all capital projects that matter)

Less than one per cent of megaprojects deliver the promised benefits on time and on budget. Download this report from Vision to learn why they go wrong, how you can fix them and why the fix works. The report also explores how these lessons can be applied to all capital projects of scale.

What is a megaproject?

Megaprojects are defined as capital projects costing $1bn or more. But there is a lot more to them than a price tag. We explore their other characteristics, why they’re essential to our communities and how the lessons that we learn from them can be applied to all capital projects.

How to fix megaprojects

We will take you through our proven four-step process for delivering all significant capital projects on time, on budget and with all the promised benefits. This encompasses transformational leadership, transformational governance, the sharing of risks and rewards, and commitment-based management.

Why the fix works

Leading a megaproject successfully is like running a small town. Our fix works because it recognises the complexity of megaprojects, the importance of community building, and the reality that traditional management styles simply don’t cut it when it comes to capital projects of scale.