I am the customer: Andrew Buckley

“Our competitors outside the UK have lower costs”

Thirty of Britain’s largest energy customers have given evidence to the Associate Parliamentary Group on Energy Costs on the effects of rising energy prices, security of supplies and the impact of government legislation on their businesses.
They are all members of the Major Energy Users’ Council, which also expressed concerns about business’ future ability to compete in a global marketplace when energy costs in the UK were significantly higher than elsewhere throughout Europe.
Chaired by Lord Palmer, this was believed to be the largest and most influential meeting of major energy consumers ever held in the House of Commons.
Among the blue chip organisations taking part were Network Rail, Enterprise Inns, BT, Hanson, British Polythene, Asda, Thames Water, Belfast Harbour Commission and representatives of Britain’s local authorities.
A key issue expressed by many was how businesses could be expected to compete in the global export market. They made it clear they were facing major challenges trying to win business when their competitors based outside the UK had much lower operating costs.
Lord Palmer told the meeting: “It’s vital that our senior politicians take on board the pressure on major energy users and the impact on the cost of living.”
There are practical steps government can take to help UK business and the Major Energy Users’ Council is discussing these in Whitehall.
Andrew Buckley, director
general, Major Energy Users’ Council