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Utility Week’s report explores the need for change to historical low voltage network monitoring approaches from DNOs and highlights advances in technology which can help them derive multi-layered value from new monitoring investments.

The resilience of low voltage (LV) networks is becoming increasingly critical to the operation of the power system as more distributed energy resources are connected to the grid and demand side participation in the energy system begins to grow.

This growing dependency on LV networks implies a need to step up the pervasiveness and granularity of LV monitoring so that network operators can have visibility of accurate and real time information about asset health and performance.

However, investment in monitoring of LV networks has not traditionally been viewed as a priority for power distribution networks, offering little in the way of tangible consumer benefits and therefore lacking a clear business case.

This Utility Week Explains report describes how adopting holistic LV monitoring technology can allow networks to strongly justify LV monitoring investment with multi-layered business benefits and step confidently into the net zero future.

Download the report to discover:

  • Why the energy transition is not only placing higher dependency of LV networks, but also make management of them more complex.
  • How investment in powerful and holistic LV monitoring technology can help networks. outperform regulatory expectations for Customer Interruptions and Customer Minutes Lost.
  • Why it is essential for monitoring investments to measure both fault and load dynamics in order to derive maximum business value in the immediate and longer term.
  • How edge computing, AI and Machine Learning have underpinned advances in LV monitoring technology which is ready to rollout on networks today.

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