Market-wide settlement reform: a moment of opportunity?

22 June 2023

Market-wide settlement reform: a moment of opportunity?

Looking beyond completion of the implementation programme for market-wide half-hourly settlement, Utility Week asks industry leaders how significantly they believe it will change the energy market. What is its role in the net zero transition, will it support business model innovation and what risks accompany the opportunities it offers? Find out what they say in our report.

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Ofgem has set out an expectation that market-wide settlement reform could deliver £4,509m in net benefits to consumers by 2045 and help forge a path towards an efficiently run, net zero energy system.

But do industry leaders share the regulator’s optimism? Do they expect the anticipated system-wide benefits to translate into meaningful opportunities for their organisations? And do they see any potential risks attached to the arrival of market-wide half-hourly settlement.

These are the questions Utility Week put a to a set of senior industry leaders in order to shape this report, published in association with Expleo.

Download the report now to find out more about:

  • Supplier plans for MHHS-enabled tariff innovation
  • How suppliers might bridge capability and resource gaps to bring these new products to market
  • The anticipated explosion in data service offerings
  • The significance of smart metering as a dependency for MHHS value
  • Worries about the scope for consumer detriment in a world of MHHS
  • The potential for high levels of consumer engagement in demand side flexibility to drive unintended consequences on the power grid

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