Power companies do not see their generation mix shifting substantially away from fossil fuels by 2030, and predict risks of more blackouts and smart grid not realising its potential. But they do see renewables operating without subsidy.

They are some of the findings in a global survey of utilities by PwC. The firms said that today their fuel mix stands at around 66 per cent fossil fuels, and 34 per cent non fossil fuels. The survey suggests they see that shifting to 57 per cent vs 43 per cent in 2030. That falls well short of what is needed to limit global warming to 2 degrees C, PwC pointed out.

Around half of the power firms surveyed in Europe also warned of increased risk of blackouts up to 2030 and three quarters of them expressed concern that customer engagement, or lack of it, could hamstring smart metering and smart grid technologies.

However, over 80 per cent of utilities said that they believed onshore wind, biomass and all forms of solar would not need subsidies by 2030.

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