National Grid and Electron to integrate flexibility market platforms

National Grid Electricity Distribution and Electron have revealed plans to integrate their respective flexibility market platforms to increase participation in National Grid’s flexibility tenders and give providers more choice over how to access them.

Auction clearing will continue to take place through National Grid’s own Market Gateway platform. However, flexibility providers will be able access the tenders through the ElectronConnect platform, which will provide registration, bidding, dispatch and settlement for its users.

The ElectronConnect platform is accessible through both a web-based user interface and a set of open application programming interfaces.

National Grid said its strategic partnership with Electron demonstrates its commitment to an open ecosystem and interoperability between market platforms. In January, the distribution system operator (DSO) announced a similar partnership with Piclo to integrate its platforms with Market Gateway.

Helen Sawdon, flexibility commercial manager for National Grid DSO, said: “Our flexibility partnership with Electron is our latest step in making participation in distribution network flexibility more accessible for a wider range of customers. We know that customers want flexibility services to be easy to access and to understand. Strategic partnerships like ours with Electron are key to reducing the barriers to flexibility and increasing uptake.”

National Grid said the standardisation that underpins its ecosystem will promote greater transparency and accessibility of data, and builds upon existing initiatives by the Energy Network Association’s Open Networks project and the Department for Energy Security of Net Zero, which aim to improve decision making and alleviate operational bottlenecks for both flexibility service providers (FSPs) and system operators.

Electron chief executive and co-founder Jo-Jo Hubbard said: “We’re excited to partner with National Grid to help extend the volume and value of flexibility delivered into its distribution network. National Grid’s Market Gateway is a unique solution, standardising key steps on the flexibility journey, simplifying FSP participation and promoting interoperability between market platforms.

“This approach is something we’re strong advocates for at Electron and sits perfectly alongside the open ecosystem-led design of ElectronConnect. This integration is another example of the interoperability we are building into ElectronConnect to help network utilities across the UK, EU and US unlock the value of low carbon flexibility at scale.”