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In recent years several incumbent energy suppliers have announced plans to re-platform – opting for the software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms that have been developed by the leading disrupter energy suppliers.

This shift across the industry is largely being driven by a need to increase levels of customer service to be able to compete in a future energy supply market based on providing energy as a service.

At the same time rising gas prices and the energy price cap are squeezing profits right across the industry, forcing suppliers to cut operating costs to compete.

While new software models offer the opportunity for energy suppliers to achieve both goals, re-platforming has traditionally been difficult to achieve successfully for energy suppliers.

This new phase of software is also forcing energy suppliers to reassess their operating model and effect real business change – a difficult feat for incumbent brands.

In this major new report, in association with Expleo, Utility Week speaks to energy suppliers undergoing re-platforming, and the providers behind the software.

Among the topics discussed in this report are:

  • The drivers behind re-platforming
  • The risks and benefits to re-platforming
  • The different options available on the market
  • How to transition successfully to new software without taking forward old processes and approaches but while retaining staff

This in-depth report examines the different choices and approaches that have been taken so far by energy suppliers to re-platforming, and the lessons that can be learnt from their experiences by the rest of the market.

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