French public transport company RATP Dev has unveiled an electric bus depot in west London.The depot is located in Shepherd’s Bush and will house a fleet of 36 electric buses, about one third of the entire fleet.

Around 10 tonnes of cables have been installed by UK Power Networks (UKPN) while SSE Enterprise designed, installed and manage all the electrical infrastructure (from the point of grid connection) and chargepoints in the depot that allow the buses to charge.

There are 37 smart chargers installed in the depot, each with an output of 80kwh.

Network transformers convert 11,000v into 400v which is then provided to the chargers.

Each bus is charged automatically and on a timer throughout the night, a process which usually takes around three-and-a-half hours.

One charge of this length is enough to power the bus for 15 hours meaning it does not have to return to the depot to charge during the working day.

RATP Dev partnered with Chinese bus manufacturing company BYD (Build Your Dreams) in conjunction with Alexander Dennis Limited (ADL), who were chosen as the preferred suppliers for the buses and charger equipment.

Speaking at the launch, managing director of RTP Dev, London, Fiona Taylor, said: “On 1 October, this year the very first electric bus left this garage without any fanfare.

“Our 36 fully electric buses are now in operation serving customers on route C1 and 70. Today is the culmination of a four-month programme which kicked off on 12 June when the first hammer struck the ground in this depot.

“This amazing project was completed on time and on budget and I’d really like to thank David Harmsworth and the rest of the team who worked so tirelessly to deliver this fantastic result.”

Neil Kirkby, managing director of SSE Enterprise, said: “We’re delighted to play our part in the opening of RATP Dev’s electric bus depot at Shepherd’s Bush.

“Full marks to our team who worked tirelessly to make sure the project was on time and on budget; and used their expertise to deliver a cost effective and innovative charging solution.”

Catherine Guillouard, chairwoman and CEO of RATP Group, said: “We have been looking forward to the upgrade of this depot, which very tangibly demonstrates our commitment to clean and sustainable travel.

“RATP Group’s aim to switch to 100 per cent clean buses reflects our ambition to be an innovative and trusted partner of the city of London in its journey towards being a smarter and more sustainable city.”

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