Robots that can, do: The future of automation for the power sector

Event Date: 23/11/2023 2:30 pm

Robots that can, do: The future of automation for the power sector

Join our webinar to hear from the head of future networks at SSE and innovation experts at UK Power Networks and SSEN about robotics projects in the power sector and what the future holds for robots that repair networks.

Robots capable of cable splicing and other complex tasks are already doing some remarkable things for power networks. But what is their ultimate potential, and when it comes to power networks, have they lived up to their early promise?

Sign up to our webinar (above right) to find out about the latest robotics projects at networks and what experts believe the future holds when it comes to automation for maintenance for common problems such as splicing cables in the sector. Find out about:

  • The latest robotic technologies for maintenance
  • The potential of combining robots with AI and machine learning
  • Why it’s technically feasible for ULC to build a robot for any purpose
  • What robotics will do for future network maintenance

Hear from:


Stewart Reid, head of future networks, SSEN Distribution

Stewart is adapting SSEN to deal with the challenges of decarbonisation and introducing better ways of managing the electricity network.


Mini Nambiar, innovation project manager, SSEN Transmission

Electrical and electronics engineer Mini is passionate about innovation and supports SSEN Transmission to deliver new technology.

Luca Grella, programme manager, innovation team, UK Power Networks

Luca’s recent work has focused on delivering a more efficient and reliable service for customers by developing smart transformers, robotic inspections solutions and pre fault detection systems, among many others.


Ali Asmari, R&D director, ULC Technologies

Ali has a PhD in computer vision and was drawn to the challenges of building robots that could orient themselves and work in environments like utilities.