Minister says fuel poverty is ‘unacceptable’ in a modern country

The Scottish government is launching a consultation on a new strategy to eradicate fuel poverty north of the border.

Kevin Stewart, minister for local government and housing, will launch the Scottish government’s consultation on a new fuel poverty target and strategy when he opens Energy Action Scotland’s ‘Resolving Fuel Poverty’ conference today (9 November).

The minister will outline the government’s aims and invite responses to a consultation which will set out its core policy and timetable to eradicate fuel poverty in the coming years.

Stewart said: “We know that far too many people find themselves struggling with unaffordable energy costs, including the elderly, families with young children and those with serious medical conditions. This is unacceptable in a modern, progressive and compassionate country like ours.

“This is why we are now seeking views on a new long-term strategy which sets out ambitious targets to reduce fuel poverty. By lifting those experiencing fuel poverty into a better quality of life we can create a fair and more equal society.”

The conference is supported by Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks and Scottish Power Energy Networks.

In June last year, the Scottish government announced it would not meet its target to end fuel poverty in Scotland by November 2016.