Campaign group finds 97 per cent of public aware of roll out

Public awareness of smart metering is now widespread, according to a survey from an independent body campaigning for the roll out of smart meters.

Smart Energy GB found that 97 per cent of the British public are now aware of new digital meters, which are being rolled out to homes and small businesses in England, Scotland and Wales. 

The survey of 9,494 adults found awareness high among all age groups. Smart meter installation has also changed the behaviour of energy customers, according to the survey. 

Eight out of ten responents said that they have reduced their energy use, while two thirds revealed that they are more conscious about the volume of energy that they consume.

Satisfaction levels with smart meters are very high, according to the campaign group, with 76 per cent of those surveyed saying that their meters performed well.

However, for those customers yet to upgrade to smart metering, only around half (49 per cent) said that they would like a smart meter installed in the next six months.

Sacha Deshmukh, chief executive of Smart Energy GB, said: “It’s great to hear that so many people say they would like to get a smart meter from their energy supplier.

“I hope that many more people feel inspired to contact their supplier and ask for their smart energy upgrade, so they can enjoy the benefits of accurate bills and being able to see the gas and electricity they’re using in pounds and pence.”