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Effective stormwater management is a real puzzle. Like the famous Rubik’s cube you need to look at things from all sides and angles, juggling a huge range of variables to resolve the challenges each and every project presents. Plus of course meeting regulatory requirements, which themselves are constantly being amended and updated.

Our webinar looks at all these facets and the factors which act upon them. Factors such as climate change and the increasing frequency of severe weather events, which this year, more than ever, have hit the headlines from around the globe. There have even been media warnings of ‘water wars’.

This may seem disconnected from the drainage demands of a new housing development, a supermarket or a roadway, but it isn’t. Along with the challenges of urbanisation, surface water pollution, urban heat stress and ground water depletion it’s all connected.

In England alone, 5.2 million properties – that’s one in six, are at risk of floods. From roof to river we’ll look at the role of SuDs and other solutions in the collection; attenuation, cleansing, re-use and transportation of stormwater – or surface water if you prefer. We’ll touch too on the solutions available to meet the differing demands of soil types, traffic loads, space below ground, adoption and maintenance.

Finally, we’ll demonstrate and explain how, by working together we can build more healthy and sustainable environments.

Speaker: Martin Lambley

Speaker Bio:

Martin Lambley is the Territory Cluster Product Manager for Wavin* in North-West Europe, the UK & Ireland. A fully qualified environmental engineer, Martin has two decades of product & marketing experience across multiple sectors, ranging from geo-synthetics to sustainable drainage.

Martin has particular ‘rain to drain’ knowledge with a focus on SuDS and stormwater management, where he has been pivotal in helping to bring systems, solutions and services to market that have made a significant contribution to solving the stormwater puzzle.

A regular contributor and speaker within the industry, Martin has authored a number of white papers and e-learning courses, and sits on expert panels across several leading bodies.

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