Thames Water prepares for adverse winter weather

Thames Water has made “major improvements” in every department to help keep the network flowing as normal and reduce the risk of customers and environment being impacted by adverse weather.

The company has increased staff levels, both in the office and out in the field, by more than a third, with more than 100 further volunteers from across the business on stand-by to support customers.

Thames also said it has spent around £5 million on stock and equipment to better cope with wet weather.

New storm chasing technology has been installed in its control centre in Green Park, Reading. This can better predict emerging problems, giving advanced warning to prevent issues before they happen, or allow specialists more time to reduce any potential impact.

Since it opened in May 2016, the company’s new customer solution centre in Slough has improved its ability to respond during emergencies, placing more of the key people required to handle enquiries efficiently all under one roof.

Thames Water head of waste control Anthony Crawford said: “No one really knows what kind of weather we will have each year so we need access to the best possible data and equipment around the clock to give us the best chance to be able to respond effectively to whatever is thrown at us. To protect customers and the environment.

“We’re being as proactive as possible, and have been working for months on solutions to how we can resolve all different kinds of problems before they happen. However, if our sewers do reach capacity and overflow following extreme rainfall, we have a dedicated and committed team ready to help as quickly and effectively as possible.

“We have invested, upgraded, recruited and planned for the worst, created our own war room to battle the elements, but we are hoping for the best this winter.”