Utilities communications networks: Why go private?

1 December 2023

Utilities communications networks: Why go private?

Mobile phone companies are in the process of shutting down 3G services and utilities using 3G for communications with equipment could be adversely affected. Private LTE networks provide a secure, robust alternative that’s good for the long-term. Westermo explains more in a new report.

What will happen to your infrastructure comms if they rely on a public network that is phased out by a mobile operator?

That’s the question posed by our new Utility Week Intelligence report in conjunction with Westermo. The report (download above right) explains that many of the UK’s leading mobile phone networks are about to shut down their 3G networks, posing problems for companies that use 3G to communicate with everything from substations to pumping facilities and SCADA systems.

Building your own private LTE (4G) network could provide the answer. Indeed, utilities in Germany and other parts of Europe are already discovering the benefits of private 450 MHz networks that are ultra-reliable and secure. Best of all, no one can shut them down as newer technologies emerge.

Download our report now to find out:

  • Why private networks are a robust alternative to public systems
  • Why some utilities are already lobbying Ofcom for a slice of spectrum
  • The benefits of ruggedised routers for power and water companies
  • Why German and Austrian utilities are using private networks

Don’t get caught out by public mobile networks shutting down. Download the report now, above right, to learn more about futureproofing using a private system.