Introducing Flex: a new quarterly publication from Utility Week, launching in recognition of the disruption utilities face on all fronts, and the flexibility - of solutions, of business models, and of systems - they require in response.

Learning from the best of consumer technology media, with the very highest production values, Utility Week Flex celebrates and explore all that cutting edge technology has to offer utilities, and is now available to download below.

This brand-new supplement takes an overview of disruptive technology with strategic significance. Each issue consists of:

  • A headline technology
  • Featured infographic
  • Q&A interviews with tech leaders from the world of utilities and beyond
  • Agenda-setting analysis including C-suite insights and much more.

Blockchain, artificial intelligence and augmented reality are just a few of the technologies offering utilities opportunities to operate more efficiently and effectively.

The first Flex edition’s headline topic is Cultural Transformation. It explores how technology can be harnessed to increase productivity and collaboration and improve the way the whole sector does business – internally, between companies, and in the supply chain and beyond.

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