Utility Week Intelligence Introduces Arqiva

30 April 2024

Utility Week Intelligence Introduces Arqiva

The water sector's one-stop shop for smart metering.

Who are you? 

Arqiva is the UK’s leading smart water metering infrastructure provider. We’ve deployed the largest smart water network in the UK, with 1.7 million meters installed and counting. Our goal is to make sure water companies excel in their AMP plans.

What do you do?

We manage end-to-end smart water metering needs under one contract. We secure and install meters through our global supply chains and civil engineering specialist partnerships. We securely transmit readings via multiple connectivity network technologies to data management systems. We enhance in-house capabilities with advanced analytics, AI and ML expertise.

Give us your elevator pitch.

We bring water companies an end-to-end blend of strategic technical choices, reliable installation, high-quality connectivity and strong data expertise.

For utmost reliability and insights, we guarantee up to 99.5% connectivity and up to a 97% read success rate over the lifespan of water companies’ assets. Having deployed 1.7 million water meters, we’re the only UK provider with a proven track record in rolling out AMI networks at scale.

To commit to excellence, we can work under a unique financing model – cost per successful read. As a result, water companies get quality, accuracy, and outstanding value for money.

We’re proud to work hand-in-hand with smart water metering successes Thames Water and Anglian Water – and our programmes have delivered astonishing results in consumption reduction. Anglian Water has driven a 10 litre per property per day demand side saving by fixing leaks identified through their smart water meter data. Thames Water has seen a 13% reduction in water consumption among customers with a smart water meter.

I want to know more. Where should I start?

Want to learn how to make your smart water metering programme a success with Arqiva? Download the report now.