Utility Week Intelligence Introduces Automa

16 February 2024

Utility Week Intelligence Introduces Automa

Utilities looking for a control and monitoring partner well-versed in the twin challenges of digitalisation and improving operational efficiency should consider Automa, as sales and marketing director Stefano Menghini explains.

Stefano, give us your elevator pitch.

Automa pioneers technologies for innovative state-of-the-art remote monitoring and control in the oil, gas and water sectors. Specialised in cathodic protection and distribution and transmission network operations, we offer complete solutions for smart network management that ensure reliability and efficiency both on short-term and long-term activities.

Our range includes fixed and portable field asset technology adaptable to diverse contexts, supported by the intuitive and holistic Goliah platform. Backed by purpose-designed SCADA management software, our solutions enable advanced data analysis for informed decision-making as well as artificial intelligence capabilities.

Why can’t my company live without you?

No continuous innovation, no long-term perspective. Automa’s core business is bringing innovation technologies to the market based on this equation. Indeed, Automa is not simply seeking customers, it is actively looking for long-term partners to collaborate with, leveraging our expertise in developing intelligent technological solutions tailored for oil, gas and water.

Our primary objective is to foster knowledge exchange and share the wealth of experience we’ve amassed over time. As our expertise continues to evolve, so do our solutions, ensuring consistently cutting-edge innovations for remote monitoring and control of utility networks.

What industry challenges are you solving?

Automa addresses the pressing challenges of digitalisation, sustainability, and operational efficiency. Our transformative solutions, based on a real digital data-driven approach, tackle these complexities head-on by leveraging real-time data insights to optimise safety and efficiency while navigating evolving regulations.

Through a robust digital infrastructure, Automa empowers companies to orchestrate precise control and monitoring, minimising resource utilisation without compromising operational integrity. By optimising operating pressures, reducing methane fugitive emissions, and carefully managing electrical currents and odorant injection levels, we ensure compliance while maximising efficiency.

Moreover, our data-driven approach enables proactive corrective actions, streamlining network operations and reducing the need for costly field interventions. Remote monitoring and control capabilities further enhance safety while minimising stress on field assets.

Finally, Automa’s innovative solutions not only meet industry standards but also pave the way for a greener, more efficient future. With Automa, companies can confidently embrace digital transformation while staying ahead of regulatory requirements and driving sustainable practices.

I want to know more. Where should I start?

Automa offers tailored solutions for your operational needs, with a team of experts dedicated to crafting the perfect fit for your business. Explore the option of a pilot project to test our solution firsthand, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with your requirements. Together, we’ll refine and optimise every aspect before embarking on the final project.

Want to learn more? Download the case study now to learn how to optimise operating pressure to mitigate methane leaks. And contact Automa here: sales@byautoma.com