Utility Week Intelligence Introduces Ibstock

23 April 2024

Utility Week Intelligence Introduces Ibstock

Ibstock delivers durable, cost-effective concrete utility troughs to enable installers to adapt to the demands of construction sites.

What do you do?

Ibstock uses decades of experience in manufacturing excellence to deliver one of the market’s safest, most durable and cost-effective ranges of precast concrete utility troughs.

Ibstock’s range of straight, tee, cornered and angled troughs allows installers to easily adapt to the unique requirements of a construction site, whether that’s the ability to change direction or take off to another part.

Give us your elevator pitch.

Ibstock is a leading manufacturer and supplier of highly optimised concrete utility troughs.

The range delivers up to 60% less embodied carbon compared to traditional concrete mixes and is manufactured at an advanced facility in the UK.

When it comes to specifying Ibstock’s concrete utility troughs, there are several benefits to consider:

  • A greener alternative – significant reductions in e-CO2 compared to rival products
  • Our heritage – more than 30 years’ experience in the manufacture of concrete troughing
  • Standard off-the-shelf sizes available – minimising delivery wait time
  • Bespoke capabilities available to meet the exact needs of your project

Ibstock’s precast concrete utility troughs are used for a variety of purposes, from housing and protecting power and communications cables, through to pipes that carry gas, water, and chemicals. The troughs safeguard against malicious or accidental damage and are easily accessible for maintenance and repair work.

I want to know more. Where should I start?

For more information visit: https://www.ibstock.co.uk/products/rail-and-infrastructure/utility-troughs-and-lids

Download the product brochure, email: [email protected], or call: 0333 234 3434