Water companies and digital services – what’s the game plan?

26 May 2023

Water companies and digital services – what’s the game plan?

Why are water companies keen to leapfrog into the digital age with transformations to customer service? Utility Week explores the drivers, from efficiency and financial resilience to climate change resources management.

For an industry that used to have one contact with the customer each year (the bill), the water sector is evolving quickly. New digital tools are being pressed into action to help improve customer experiences and operational efficiency in the near term.

But as the sector looks ahead to a future challenged by aging assets, increasingly extreme weather and water scarcity, these technologies will also provide a foundation for a transformation in customer propositions for the sector, and support better infrastructure management.

This is what industry leaders told Utility Week in interviews for our report, Digital service strategies in water utilities – created in association with Wipro.

Download the report now to learn:

  • How Northumbrian Water – which tops the Ofwat C-Mex league – has used digital investments for uplifts in customer experience
  • How digital investments should play into longer term service transformation strategies for water
  • Why digital enables tariff innovation and reduces bad debt
  • And how Thames Water’s digitally revamped approach to billing cut customer complaints

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