Worried about assets failing? Here’s how to avoid it

25 May 2023

Worried about assets failing? Here’s how to avoid it

Networks can ill-afford assets failing out of the blue. That means regulatory penalties and unplanned and sometimes substantial asset replacement costs. But how do you predict when an asset is about to go under? The latest technology has some of the answers.

As networks grapple with maintaining legacy equipment amid fresh challenges such as the addition of renewable energy sources, economic volatility, and added layers of complexity and delays in the supply chain, the last thing they need is assets failing unexpectedly.

This report, Utility Week Explains: How to eliminate asset failure anxiety in the power sector  – in association with electrical test and measurement leader Megger – shows how networks can improve visibility of the real-time health of their assets and target resources at tackling weak spots – predicting faults before problems rear their ugly heads.

Read the report to learn:

  • How data analysis can optimise asset performance
  • Why partial discharge monitoring mitigates transformer failures
  • The role of medium voltage sensors on the smart grid
  • How a Japanese steel company avoided major costs with Megger
  • The leading causes of transformer and motor failure

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