Council-backed energy supplier Bristol Energy has launched a 100 per cent green electricity tariff in partnership with The Big Issue today (13 May).

The Big Issue green tariff costs £1,078.15 on average, below the current level of the £1,254 default price cap, and is a two-year fixed deal which will offer customers 100 per cent green electricity and 15 per cent green gas.

The partnership will mean that for every fuel switched on to the tariff the supplier will donate £15 to the Big Issue homeless charity while £5 will be donated for every fuel renewal.

Bristol Energy’s interim managing director, Marek Majewicz, said: “Bristol Energy is forging ahead with its plan to support Bristol City Council in creating a different kind of energy provider: one which has the community at its heart and focuses on driving profits for a purpose.

“It’s fantastic to be launching our partnership with The Big Issue, we’re two organisations with similar social goals and shared values. It’s one way in which we can support both vulnerable people and take climate action.”

Oliver Waddington-Ball, head of of custom content and partnerships at The Big Issue Group, said: “We are so pleased to be partnering with Bristol Energy to offer this unique tariff.

“From the get-go we recognised that we shared the same values of community and sustainability and the tariff is the result of putting our heads together to bring fairness and the opportunity to make green choices, to people across the UK.

“We all have the power to make the changes needed to make the country and the world a better place. And smart ideas like Bristol Energy can play a part in that brighter future.”

Several other challenger energy suppliers have also introduced tariffs below the default price cap.

They include Igloo Energy and Bulb.

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