Edinburgh-based water retailer Business Stream has won a new three-year contract to supply water retail services to Lloyds Banking Group.

Business Stream has been working in partnership with Lloyds in Scotland since the Scottish non-domestic water market opened in 2008. Under the new agreement Business Stream will serve all of Lloyds Banking Group’s sites in England as well.

In addition to providing a single consolidated bill covering their sites, Business Stream will provide access to its dedicated account management service, which includes day-to-day support and 24/7 emergency assistance, if required.

Business Stream chief executive Jo Dow said: “We are delighted to be building on our partnership with Lloyds Banking Group and pride ourselves on the strong relationship we have built with them over the years.

“As an organisation, we are committed to promoting water efficiency and delivering innovative and effective solutions to help our customers use less water. By working in partnership with Lloyds Banking Group we will use those solutions to deliver water efficiency savings across their portfolio of sites in England and Scotland.”

In June last year Business Stream revealed plans to help customers reduce water consumption by 20 per cent as part of its water efficiency pledge.

Scotland’s non-domestic market, which covers all premises across private and public sector organisations, opened to competition in April 2008. Since then, Business Stream said its customers have saved more than £213 million on their water bills.

Business Stream expanded its operation in April 2017 when it began competing in the new £2.5 billion English water market, which has enabled 1.2 million businesses and public bodies in England to choose their water supplier for the first time.

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