CFO Outlook 2023

6 February 2023

CFO Outlook 2023

Utility Week’s research with finance leaders in the UK utilities sector reveals deep-seated worries about the impact of chronic volatility and increasing regulatory pressures on talent retention, commercial arrangements and investor appetite. But confidence in investment for sustainability and the security of regulated asset value remains high.

Never has there been greater pressure on finance teams within energy and water utilities to perform and support business agility in the face of a multitude of interlinking and morphing challenges, from runaway inflation and bad debt to monumental capital investment requirements in an evolving landscape of policy and market frameworks.

Utility Week’s research for this report – created in association with the global business process management firm WNS – shows this pressure all too clearly. Via our online survey and in depth interviews financial leaders have painted a picture of relentless reforecasting, spreadsheet gymnastics and concern about the impact of this demanding environment on talent retention.

Download the full report to find out more about the views of sector finance leaders on:

  • The changing role of the finance function in a time of sector transformation
  • The impacts of economic volatility on commercial arrangements and contracting practices
  • The impacts of inflation on debt and asset values
  • How to respond to the growing consumer affordability crisis
  • The challenges posed by growing regulatory expectations
  • How to leverage varied data sets for contextualised decision making

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