The Electricity Supply Board will begin supplying electricity and gas to UK consumers from July 2017.

The decision to enter the British consumer market is a strategic move from the state-owned supplier in the Republic of Ireland, which currently only has a UK presence in transmission and electricity generation.

Reports in the Irish Independent also revealed that the project, codenamed Project Arrow, is “just one of the opportunities being explored” to position the company across all-island energy markets.

The Electricity Supply Board (ESB) also owns power stations in Britain, including the 884MW Carrington plant outside Manchester. It also owns the 350MW Corby power plant in Northamptonshire, as well as two windfarms in England and one in Wales.

The ESB is currently seeking a company to undertake residential gas and electricity meter-reading activities for it in Britain, according to the Irish Independent and the four-year contract is set to begin early next year.

ESB has told potential service providers that it will begin a soft launch in July and a hard launch next October.