Reform for customer support and engagement

2 May 2023

Reform for customer support and engagement

In the first of a series of three reports on the theme of reform Utility Week explores why change is needed to achieve better customer support and engagement and what actions influential industry minds, including members of the Utility Week taskforce, say should be taken in response.

In early 2023, Utility Week formed a dedicated taskforce, a group of industry leaders convened to guide Utility Week’s coverage and campaigning activities. Following input from this group, we have published three reports designed to capture the fundamental drivers for reform of market structures, regulatory approaches and policy frameworks to tackle challenges relating to: customer support, resilience and decarbonisation.

The other two reports in this series are available to download now using the following links.

This first report, created in association with Utility Week Taskforce strategic partner PA Consulting,  focusses on reform for better customer support and engagement. Download now to learn more about:

  • How leaders believe lessons from this winter should be used to guide reforms to customer support in preparation for winters to come
  • Views on the need for a new tax- funded approach to subsidising energy bills for low income customers
  • Options for addressing the issue of bad debt
  • How to harness technology for more targeted support
  • The need to tackle growing public anxiety about energy security and the prospect of blackouts
  • Examples of collaboration to help reduce consumption of energy and water
  • Whether we need a national social tariff for water

Download Reform for customer support and engagement using the form, right.