National Grid launches platform to improve clarity of network charges

National Grid has launched an online platform that will provide customers with a clearer view of the Distribution use of Service (DUoS) tariffs across its licence areas.

The new service, called Clearviewcharge, is designed to make it easier for customers to review the different charges across its network and how they vary over different time periods. This, it explained, is to help inform their decision-making process on where to connect assets and when to operate them.

National Grid Electricity Distribution has developed the platform across its licence areas in the Midlands, South West England and South Wales.

It will allow users to view the different DUoS tariffs for low voltage and high voltage assets that are already connected, or looking to connect, to the network. With this information, new and existing customers will be able to see how they can take advantage of cheaper time bands when running their assets.

National Grid further explained that customers will be able to understand the potential impact of DUoS charges on their projects and develop appropriate strategies to run them as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. The platform will provide projections for up to seven years ahead, allowing customers to forward project the financial costs of running their assets.

The platform was developed with industry engagement, including with the EV charging trade body ChargeUK.

Cordi O’Hara, president of National Grid Electricity Distribution, said: “Clearviewcharge is another example of how we are working to provide useful information and data for customers so that they can make informed business decisions.

“As we accelerate to connect more low carbon technologies to the network which will come with varying high-demand periods, our customers increasingly need to factor in different scenarios of demand to calculate the viability of their assets.

“This new platform will allow them to operate their assets at the most optimised periods to ensure that the network is running smoothly, as well as cutting costs where possible.”

Chris Pateman-Jones, chairman of ChargeUK, added: “Last year ChargeUK released a report highlighting the importance of earlier communication of the standing charges that EV charging infrastructure projects will be required to pay once connected, to help the charging networks to make more informed investment decisions and to enable the construction of more projects, sooner.

 “Since that time, ChargeUK has enjoyed fantastic engagement from the most senior levels within the National Grid leadership team, and the release of this tool is a real step forward for the charging industry, and for the electrification of transport going forward.”

The launch of Clearviewcharge follows National Grid’s launch of Clearviewconnect at the end of 2023, which is providing customers with clearer information on the connections pipeline.

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  1. Takahisa Ono says:

    ‘Clearviewcharge’ can’t be found on the National Grid website.
    We would be grateful if you could provide us with the URL.

    1. James Wallin says:

      More details can be found here