Octopus Energy has announced it has automated its Agile tariff to allow customers to benefit from real-time energy pricing.

The Agile Octopus tariff has been integrated with If This Then That (IFTTT) – a programme which helps intelligent devices to work together.

This means that customers are able to automatically instruct their devices to charge or turn on when energy is cheapest and reduce their consumption at peak times when prices are higher and the system is strained.

By linking intelligent devices, customers can develop smart homes that automatically adjust energy usage based on half-hourly price changes.

Actions can also be triggered when consumption in a day, week or month exceeds a particular value.

Greg Jackson, chief executive of Octopus Energy, said: “We can make the transition to renewables faster and cheaper if we help people use energy at times when there’s abundant green electricity, or to charge electric cars when prices are lowest.

“Octopus’s Agile tariff integrated with IFTTT lets customers automate this, so they get cheaper, greener energy with less effort.

“This kind of technology advance is crucial to adopting the smart grid needed for a renewable future.”

Earlier this week Octopus reported that customers on its Agile tariff had been paid to use electricity, the first time this has happened.

Suppliers are paid to help balance the grid by removing excess energy and Octopus is thought to be the first ever UK supplier to pass the money onto its customers.