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  1. Anonymous says:

    I find it ironic that Utility Week is publishing an article one week that implies recognition and an understanding of the challenges facing women in the utilities sector, but just a week prior published one of the most extraordinarily misogynistic articles I have read in some time. This article:, chose to highlight an extremely credible female energy sector leader by way of ‘nervous laughter’. Can Utility Week explain why this observation was highlighted, why it was important to share it with its readership and why this wouldn’t have happened had the interviewee been male? The energy sector publishing community has a very important role to play in how it presents female and male leadership archetypes and Utility Week needs to be the first to step up to this responsibility.

    1. James Wallin says:

      Thank you for your comment, we always welcome feedback. I can assure you the reference to ‘nervous laughter’ in the article you reference had absolutely nothing to do with Kayte’s gender. It was just to illustrate I had asked about a potentially controversial subject. I felt it was important to share the exchange because this is a topic NESO will have to address if Labour gets into power. I would have written the article exactly the same if the interviewee was a man.