Three DNOs to benefit from feed-in tariff data

Three of the UK’s distribution network operators have established data-sharing agreements with Ofgem E-serve to access records of distributed generation on their networks.

The agreements, established via memorandums of understanding, have been made by UK Power Networks, SSE Power Distribution and Northern Powergrid.

The DNOs will receive information about the location and capacity of renewable installations registered under the Feed in Tariff (FiT) scheme to help them balance supply and demand on their networks.

This information will enable DNOs to meet their obligation to submit data to Ofgem as part of the price control more fully.

Ofgem E-Serve is the administrator of the government’s FiT scheme which pays small-scale renewable generators to feed their excess electricity into the grid. It therefore keeps records of every installation accredited under the scheme.

Ofgem E-Serve senior manager, FiT, Chris Wood said: “This data-sharing agreement is a great example of how the information we hold can be used to the benefit of consumers to ensure electricity supplies remain stable and reliable.

“It will also help facilitate further development of embedded generation in the future.”