Water suppliers in Scotland get choice of meter provider

H2O Water Services has become the first accredited metering provider in Scotland, opening another area of the retail market to competition.

H2O can now approach the companies who are licensed to supply businesses in Scotland – known as licensed providers – and offer its metering services.

Previously metering services were provided only by Scottish Water as part of their role as the wholesaler to the market. This has been the case since the introduction of the retail market in 2008.

Now H2O have been awarded partial accreditation by Lloyds Register, on behalf of Scottish Water, to carry out the metering activities listed within the Water Industry Registration Scheme (WIRS). 

John McCall, metering services manager at Scottish Water, said: “Scottish Water welcomes H2O as the first accredited metering provider as this allows licensed providers more choice to meet the needs of business customers in Scotland.

“H2O are now able to undertake metering activities subject to being offered the opportunity to perform the work by licensed providers who have signed the relevant Wholesale Service Agreement with Scottish Water.”